Brilliance Filter Cleaner

Brilliance Filter Cleaner

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The Brilliance For Spas Filter Cleaner with Fresh Lemon Scent increases the filtration rate of your spas filter. By cleaning out body oils, scale and metal deposits from the spas filters, the spa's water quality will drastically improve from the removal of the water contaminants, while leaving behind a pleasant lemon aroma.

  • Increases spa filtration rate
  • Improves water quality
  • Rids spas of body oils, scale and metal deposits, while leaving behind a fresh lemon scent


Routine Cleaning:

  1. Remove cartridge or elements from filter housing and rinse with water.
  2. Add 5 gallons of water to a clean plastic or rubber bucket.
  3. Add 1 bottle of Brilliance for spas Filter Cleaner to the bucket.
  4. Place cartridge or elements inside bucket and allow to soak for 24 hours.
  5. Using appropriate personal protection equipment (rubber gloves and eye protection), remove the cartridge from the cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse it with a garden hose.
  6. Reassemble filter and resume normal operation.

Cleaning Solution Disposal:

  1. Slowly add 6 oz. of Brilliance for spas pH Decreaser to neutralize cleaning solution.
  2. Dilute cleaning solution and flush away into sewer with plenty of water.