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Baquacil Algidefense

Baquacil Algidefense

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BAQUACIL AlgiDefense is designed for long lasting protection again mustard algae growth in your pool. This long lasting product only needs to be applied once per month.


Start Up:

6 oz per 10,000 gallons of water.

Maintenance Dose:

2 oz per 10,000 gallons of water per month.


Add product either directly to pool or though the skimmer while pump is in operation according to the dosage chart.

Pool Opening:

To prevent visible algae from growing in your pool:

  1. Add Start-UP Dosage of Baquacil Algidefence to establish level needed to begin protecting your pool.
  2. Continue with Baquacil sanitizer system treatment.

Maintenance - Monthly:

  1. Monthly add Baquacil Algidefense per the dosage table, or take water sample to your Baquacil Dealer to test for Baquacil Algidefense.
  2. If Baquacil Algidefense is less than 0.5 ppm add a Start-Up dose; if level is greater or equal to 0.5 ppm add a maintenance dose according to dosage table.